Language is so limited. So much of human experience goes beyond what we can use language to describe. All writers can hope to do is to use our creativity to write stories to help fill in the blanks.

Rachel Spacek is a storyteller with the strongest desire to leave an impact on the community around her. Through her passion for local news reporting, Rachel hopes to hold those in power accountable, be transparent and most importantly, present her stories to the public in the most accessible way.

Rachel has worked for a number of newspapers and online publications at a collegiate and professional level. From the small student-run newsroom of the University of Nevada Reno’s newspaper, The Nevada Sagebrush, to the business desk of the Los Angeles Times, Rachel has written stories on youth homelessness, campus sexual assault and local politics, to name a few.

After enjoying some international travel and freelancing, Rachel has finally settled down in Las Vegas, Nev. to cover community news for The Las Vegas Review-Journal. When she isn’t writing, Rachel enjoys reading on philosophy, social movements, modern media and human rights in the digital age. She also enjoys a few extroverted activities like cooking for friends, attending concerts and practicing film photography.